Friday, July 4, 2014

Battle Report: The Last Battle of June

On Sunday, June 29th, 2014, four people once again gathered together to wage interstellar war.  Grafvonbarnez, Tom, Stevenik, and myself returned to The Whiz to inflict great hurt on each other via little Lego spaceships.

The squadrons broke down as follows:
Tom (4 Tactical Assets & 7 Systems) = (6 Points per Asset) * (5 total Assets) = 30 Points.
Grafvonbarnez (4 Tactical Assets & 10 Systems) = (5 Points per Asset) * (5 total Assets) = 25 Points.
Stevenik (4 Tactical Assets & 10 Systems) = (5 Points per Asset) * (5 total Assets) = 25 Points.
Me (4 Tactical Assets & 12 Systems) = (4 Points per Asset) * (5 total Assets) = 20 Points.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of our starting positions.

Events of Turn 1 (DDC @ 11):
I seize Tom's HVA.  Stevenik seizes Tom's HVA from me.  Grafvonbarnez seizes Tom's cruiser.  Tom seizes my cruiser.  I seize Grafvonbarnez's frigate.  Three out of the four player's Tactical Assets take damage.  No damage for Grafvonbarnez's Tactical Assets.  We all tick down the Doomsday Clock.

Stevenik: 30 Points.
Grafvonbarnez: 25 Points.
Tom: 24 Points.
Me: 20 points.

Events of Turn 2 (DDC @ 6):
I relinquish Grafvonbarnez's frigate.  I seize Grafvonbarnez's carrier.  Tom seizes back his cruiser.  Stevenik seizes Tom's frigate.  Grafvonbarnez seizes Stevenik's frigate.  Tom relinquishes my cruiser.  Stevenik and Grafvonbarnez tick down the Doomsday Clock.

Stevenik: 30 Points.
Me: 24 points.
Grafvonbarnez: 20 Points.
Tom: 18 Points.

Events of Turn 3 (DDC @ 3):
Stevenik uses Grafvonbarnez's frigate to ram Grafvonbarnez's carrier -- which is under my control.  He one-shots it, rams it to death, and my frame company hops on to the frigate in response.  All this to prevent my frame company from refueling and relaunching.  This was the most thought out and debated move of the game.  A bunch of other things happened but they just weren't as interesting.  :-)  Then the clock was ticked down to end the game.

Tom: 24 Points.
Grafvonbarnez: 20 Points.
Me: 12 points.
Stevenik: 10 Points.

Thoughts & Observations:
  • Stevenik continues his one-shot streak, although it is no longer in the first round.
  • He also continues his ramming streak.
  • Part of me considers ramming problematic, but it does elicit a giddy reaction from everyone at the table.
  • As an experiment, we're going to play without Frame Companies our next game.
  • At no point during the game was I in the lead.
  • We had a larger table, but the engagement area still seemed claustrophobic.  Is this an artifact of the rules?
  • Once again we ignored the terrain placement rules.
  • Best line of the game, "Catapults count as weapons." by Tom.

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