Wednesday, March 11, 2015

PAX East Observations 2015

I have some actual observations from this year but, I'm also going to look back at last year's and see what I managed to change.

1.) I gave out business cards this year, about 100 of them.
2.) Thanks to Mike Raichelson for getting me three MFZ shirts before the con after I ordered them at the last minute.  Outstanding customer service, check out his website
3.) I managed to take a day off and wander around the con.  Still kind of aimlessly and I still didn't manage to play any games.
4.) My voice only got really rough on Friday evening.  Luckily we had a supply of throat lozenges for the weekend.
5.) We managed to get in a full game of MFZ on Sunday.  Passers-by seemed suitably impressed.
6.) I didn't do much demoing of Intercept Orbit this year.

7.) I managed to get a new set of dice for MFZ this year after talking about it for the last three.
8.) I'm need to rethink the contents of my demo bag.  It's great for playing a whole game, but lugging that much plastic to and from the con is taxing.
    8.1) I think my demo bag next year will be teams of canon frames, walls, felt drop-cloths, and dice.
9.) Coming down from the con is tough, even with a day off.  All I want to is talk about the con and MFZ.  I spent Monday scouring the net for any mention or picture of something that happened at the demo table.
10.) I didn't manage to arrange dinner plans with anyone this year, except for my traditional end-of-con dinner at No Name Seafood with my wife.  Next year!
11.) I managed to spend most of Sunday walking around and experiencing the con with friends.  Next year, more of us!
12.) I didn't get my panel submission accepted this year, but I have more -- and better -- ideas for next year.
13.) My friend Ron came up with a great idea for little "care packages".  Anyone who plays a demo gets a little baggie with a business card, Lego brick, and a six-sided die.  I'll try and implement that next year.
14.) Next year, stay properly caffeinated.  I think this is what led to my headache on Saturday.
15.) Next year, I'm thinking about having Friday be my "me" day.  The crowds are slightly less and there's less impetus to "get it all in" before the con closes.
16.) I have a bunch of ideas and plans for next year.  I'll discuss those in a "Road to PAX East 2016" post.
17.) Get a bunch of business cards from Mike Raichelson for his website to hand out as I spent a lot of time talking about it.
18.) I still want a MFZ hockey jersey.
19.) As always, it was great to see everyone, all the friends I've made because of the con and my friends from outside the con.

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