Monday, July 20, 2015

Terrain & Scenery 6

Time for a new installment of neat stuff to have on your game table!

Lego 6927 All Terrain Vehicle by Billyburg.  This looks like it could be 6P
or 7P scale.  It's pretty greebly and has some nice techniques for the chassis.

in the middle of a Sci-Fi mine battle zone.  It's tall enough to act as cover too.

Tokamak Reactor by c0d3monk33.  How did I miss this?
Built specifically for MFZ so you know it's to scale.  Awesome.

Wilderness Cabin by cmaddison.  Those trees are fantastic.  If you want
your mecha to be towering monsters, then this is the perfect scale for you.

Lego Blade Runner Spinner by _tiler.  Blade Runner, a seminal
science fiction film, and this is the signature vehicle from that film.

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