Monday, July 27, 2015

The Friction of Fiction

Anytime I upload a picture of a build to Flickr I struggle with writing some snappy patter to go along with it.  I'm sure other people have this problem.  We throw together a combination of parts that makes us go, oooooohh, and then find that we have no idea how it might fit into the little gaming universes we've created for ourselves.

On top of that, there's trying to create stories set in your own little corner of the MFZ Solar Calendar to deepen the sense of immersion for the players.  Fabricating these out of whole-cloth can be difficult.  Myself and the other moderators on the Hangar would like to see more posted. I can understand though how putting words down on paper might be more than what some people are interested in while playing this game.  I'd like to point out a few that have been posted on the Hangar within recent months that I really like.

Unity by Atavism.

Planet Hansen by djmor.

Why We Wait by CmdrRook.

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