Monday, February 15, 2016

Good Sets for Parts 11

Now that I've finally received my January 2016 Lego catalog, let's take a look through it.

70327 The King's Mech.  375 Pieces for $29.99.  Plenty of interesting pieces in Blue, Dark Blue, and Light and Dark Bley.

42048 Race Kart.  345 Pieces for $29.99.  Tons of useful Technic bits plus parts in Purple and Orange.

76048 Iron Skull Sub Attack.  335 Pieces for $29.99.  Affordable superhero sets are always something to talk about.

31047 Propeller Plane.  230 Pieces for $19.99.

31046 Fast Car.  222 Pieces for $19.99.

31044 Park Animals.  202 Pieces for $14.99.  $0.07 Price per Piece.

31045 Ocean Explorer.  213 Pieces for $14.99.  A $0.07 Price per Piece .  Creator sets are usually a good choice when it comes to this sort of thing.

71302 Akida Creature of Water.  120 Pieces for $9.99.  It's rare for a Bionicle set to be affordable.  This one has a good selection of the parts we like.

60118 Garbage Truck.  248 Pieces for $19.99.  $0.08 Price per Piece, which for a City set is astounding.

41116 Olivia's Exploration Car.  185 Pieces for $14.99.  Friends sets always have interesting colors.

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