Monday, February 8, 2016

Ijad Lexicon

This is something I've compiled over many trips through the rulebook.

Ahu = <noun> God Place, lit. “Breath/Word Place”.
Auah Auijadé = <phrase> "All the people's words" or "Ijad words".
Auchiejh = <noun> Dagger.
Aushad = <noun> Torrent.
Bhadal = <noun> Community, Self Determination.
Boleh = <noun> An animal.
Eshaku Ghanatehé = <phrase> Eshaku's Ghanat.
Ghanateh = <noun> Four legged animal.
Ijad = <noun> People.
Ojebed = <noun> Gust.
Puketeh = <noun> Tiny (1 meter max. length), stalking, predatory animal.  Has four limbs.
Uhmetwan = <noun> An animal.
Ujekeh = <noun> An aquatic creature.
Utechteh = <noun> Migratory animal, livestock.

If I've missed anything please feel free to let me know.


  1. Where did you find all of these?

    1. In the Rapid Attack and Intercept Orbit rulebooks.