Friday, February 5, 2016

Random Mechs 17

It's Friday and I'm feeling lazy.  Enjoy some random mecha.

"Dikke Dennis" by sjefke de kok.  I see some interesting techniques here.

Rn-04 Getreu II by FateHeart.  This is a fantastic
build and of course downloads are disabled.

SK7 "Eagle" by SenSeiSei.  I like the way this looks but
I'm unsure of how well it would hold up in a game.

Mitsubishi Arm Suit [Type 20] by .Tromas  Despite being made with Hero Factory Ball
joints, this looks like it might be in scale with MFZ.  Another disabled download.

AxxU Series Mechs by Colin.  A series of three mechs with
different armaments and slightly different upper torsos.

1 comment:

  1. If you click on the image to get the zoom and then Ctrl-click or Apple-click on the image, you get a "Save as" option.

    You get a download of the whole page but you get the image(s) if you want.

    The lesson there is, if you can see it in the browser, it can be downloaded/saved to your desktop.