Wednesday, October 18, 2017

No Fascists

There was a bit of a brouhaha on the Facebook page on Monday over someone having Fascist symbols in their icon and having pro-Fascist pictures on their public Facebook page.  That person ended up getting banned after actually using hate-speech in a conversation and another person quit the MF0 Facebook group over "free speech" issues.

 A lot of people bring that up in defense of people who show support for fascists.  "They have the right of Free Speech."

No they don't.  Not on official Mobile Frame Zero related websites.

Part of licensing/creating material related to Mobile Frame Zero is this caveat.

You must design your setting material in such a way that the signature elements of feudal, authoritarian, totalitarian, communist, corporate/anarcho-capitalist, or democidal political structures that are not true, workable, or morally acceptable in the real world are equally untrue, unworkable, and unacceptable in your setting.

That's built into everything Joshua has put his stamp of approval on.  So that means once you agree to the Terms & Conditions of any MF0 website you join, you are bound by that clause.  in short, any public display of support for Fascists of any ilk through speech or display of symbols -- this includes public icons, profiles, or pictures -- will result in an instant and permanent ban from any official Mobile Frame Zero group.

You have been warned.

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