Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Purity: Kre-O 89263 Transformers Optimus Prime Brick Box Review

This is the third of a series of Transformers "Brick Boxes" released by Hasbro in past holiday seasons.

Box.  I paid $6.99 for this at Walgreens.  This yields a $0.09  Price per Piece.

Instructions.  None of these sets came with instructions.


Parts 1.  Bricks and Plates.

Parts 2.  Brackets, Slopes, Plates, Tiles, Grille Tiles,
Modified Bricks, Bar Plates, and Clip Plates.


The Questions:
Can you build something -- a frame, station, or starship -- right away?  Yes.  (+5)
Is it below, at, or above the golden ratio?  Below.  (+5)  (The Golden Ratio is $0.10 per part.)
If you can't build a frame right away, or choose not to, does it have parts you should be able to put into use right away?  Yes.  (+5)
Does it have more than a handful of immediately useful parts?  Yes.  (+5)
Score: +20 (A+).  Another licensed set with the max score, we don't see that often.

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