Friday, November 1, 2013

Instructions 3

Over on the Hangar, Dukayn has posted a number of PDF instructions that he has created through LDraw.

Laggar Delta by Dukayn.
STK-7 Winmar by Dukayn.
Landscript by MittenNinja.
Stiletto by Renel Ebro.
Gremlin by A.Yates Industrials.

Other people have joined in.

Arwing Advanced by NimbusAConflict.

I've also added a permanent page for frame build instructions.


  1. This is wonderful. I'd been thinking it'd be nice to start a page for frame builds. I love MF0 but I'm not that great at inventing my own frames. It'd be nice to make breakdowns/instructions a popular inclusion when showing off frames. This could really do great things for the community.

    Don't forget to add the McCoy

    Also, this pumpkin mech looks pretty sweet:

    1. There's a bunch I haven't included. I have two full galleries of breakdowns and instructions on my Flickr page. I added the McCoy to the permanent page. I'll add the Pumpkin Bot in a bit.