Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Slated for Destruction

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a packrat.  I keep things well beyond the "stay fresh" date.  We've been moving things around in the house lately as we're going to have some work done and this led me to consider a few of the frames I've kept assembled.  I've mentioned before that I keep all of my creations assembled even if I'm not going to use them in a game at any time soon.  There are a few that I've considered reducing to their component parts and putting the parts back into storage.  Oddly enough, the ones I'm considering are from past Frame Chef challenges.  I've proven to myself I can use the signature part, I need the other pieces for other builds, and I need a little less clutter right now.  It just feels odd to be so readily willing to disassemble something I've built.  Then again, both of the builds are kind of ugly and not really some of my better work.

It does make me wonder how long, if at all, other people keep their creations assembled.  I know there are people out there with small Lego collections that build, take pictures, and then disassemble frames on a regular basis.

In case anyone is wondering this and this are the frames that are slated to be disassembled.


  1. I honestly can't bring myself to destroy some frames so i know how you feel, it's a tough call. Out of all the frames I've built I only destroyed some for immediate recycling for another frame. Lol

    I suppose it explains my slow posting rate since last year

  2. Generally: until I want the parts for something else and/or run out of display space. That sometimes means I have to put current building on hold while I make time to take photos so that I can then take something apart. Once in a while I take something apart just because I'm in a taking-things-apart-and-sorting mood.