Friday, December 25, 2015

Non-Human 22

Merry Christmas -- for those of you that celebrate it --here are a few "presents".

'Vantage' Medium Armored Transport - deploying drones by pine lego.
Three medium sized drones -- they look to be roughly six studs
tall -- and a honkin' piece of terrain that carries them around.

Moonraker by [tenz].  This one may
be a little big, but it looks interesting.

Cubit by SeanMonster.  This one's on DeviantArt, I could download a picture but it
comes out a little large so you'll have to click through the link.  It also has a surprise.

'Reaper' Drone by Malicious Cheesecake.  Made specifically for MFZ.

Bio-Mechanical Strider by Legohaulic.  I know this is way too
big for MFZ, but the color blocking, spacing on the parts, and
parts choices are fantastic.  This one's a learning opportunity.

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