Monday, April 25, 2016

PAX East 2016 Report

Once more I have returned from PAX East.  I only attended Saturday and Sunday this year due to life getting in the way.

On Saturday I got there a little late but cruised through the line in record time.  I helped to set up and then started running demos.  All told I ran seven demos, several of them involving kids which is always cool.  I met Xenovorous from the Hangar and he sat in on a demo.  I talked to a fair amount of people and the Gundam models seemed to be a big hit.

Sunday I actually arrived on time as the doors were opening.  It only took a minute more to get through this time so ingress speeds were consistent.  I got down to the booth and helped set up the demo tables.  It was supposed to be my "day off" but I ran a demo for someone.  I then went off to explore the con.  I purchased a few things for friends that I said I would then wandered around the hall.  I made it back to the booth before our scheduled game was supposed to start.  While I was waiting for the group to show up I ran two more demos.  Jay Biquadrate from the Hangar was there for the game and helped with the demos.  Then Stevenik showed up and we got to playing the full game.  Details will follow soon.  After the game finished I ran one last demo for a gentleman that had waited patiently to try it.  After that we broke down the tables, I did some last minute shopping, and Stevenik and I left to go grab some dinner.

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