Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Review: Gundam Converge GH-001 Grimoire (116)

Once again, I bought a few Gundam Converge "model" kits on a whim.

Box.  I paid $5.95 for this at Barnes & Noble.

Parts.  There were no instructions in the box and none were needed.

A shot of it fully assembled.  Only the arms and the head are poseable.

And disassembled.  I discovered, after monkeying with it for a bit, the backpack also comes off.  So that will give you four Attachments -- head, gun, shield, and backpack -- and you can lose the arms to represent losing a White die.

Here's what it looks like in comparison to a Chub and a Classic.

Only the right arm can hold the gun and the only the left will mount the shield.  Other than that it's a fun model.  It's made of a nice rubbery plastic so it will stand up to rough handling.   A single model costs less than a Chub from  My usual rating system doesn't really work here so make of this what you will.

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