Wednesday, April 27, 2016

PAX East Observations 2016

My thoughts and observations from the con this year.
1.) I only managed to attend for two days this year.
2.) It seemed like the space for tabletop gaming was a little smaller this year.
3.) I only gave out a handful of business cards this year. I have to get better about that.
4.) I didn't notice that many cool cosplay costumes this year.
5.) Problems with my voice was an on and off thing. I had access to throat lozenges but the air was still fairly dry due to the AC.
6.) We managed to get in another full game of MFZ on Sunday this year.
7.) I didn't do any demoing of Intercept Orbit this year.
8.) I'm definitely going to change the contents of my demo bag. Lugging that much plastic to and from the con is taxing.
    8.1) My demo bag next year will be teams of canon Frames, walls, a Station, felt drop-cloths, and dice.
    8.2 ) I'm going to need a new set of dice for MFZ for the new demo bag.
9.) Coming down from the con was tough this year. I didn't take the day after off from work and felt like I had bee run over by a truck for most of the day.
10.) I managed to have dinner with a friend of mine after the con on Sunday, but not with any of my booth-mates. I also didn't have my traditional end-of-con dinner at No Name Seafood with my wife. :( Next year!
11.) Last year my friend Ron came up with a great idea for little "care packages". Anyone who plays a demo gets a little baggie with a business card, Lego brick, and a six-sided die. I'll try and implement that next year.
12.) I'm still thinking about having Friday be my "me" day next year. The crowds are slightly less and there's less impetus to "get it all in" before the con closes.
13.) I need a bunch of business cards from Mike Raichelson for his website to hand out as I spend a lot of time talking about his site.
14.) I still want a MFZ hockey jersey.
15.) I totally forgot to get my badge signed by all my booth-mates this year. Bummer.
16.) As always, it was great to see everyone, all the friends I've made because of the con and my friends from outside the con.

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