Friday, April 15, 2016

Random Starships 2

With the recent delivery of MFZ: Intercept Orbit it's time to take a look at a few ship designs for some inspiration.

Kalakeyan Corvettes by VA-Nugget.  These look like
they're IO Cruiser size, except for the blue one.

Oblivion bubbleship and folding motorcycle. Micro size. Multi angle view by Irwan Prabowo.  I think this would make a really neat starship.  The motorcycle might work as some sort of HVA.

Close Support Ship by Ska2d2.  Another one from
Ska2d2, this time more in scale with MFZ:IO.

looks like it would be in scale for a Cruiser.

"Triton" 7th Fleet Support Carrier by Shamisenfred.  Three studs too long
for the Cruiser limit, it still looks good and could be adapted to fit.

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