Friday, November 10, 2017

Double Set Challenge Revisit: Broken Rules Edition

I could call this Round 4.  Unfortunately this time I broke one of the rules I set down in the original post.  This time I went with the First Order Walker and the Batman Phantom Zone polybags.  This combo comes out to 113 pieces.  Now, seven of these pieces are from the minifig but that still brings us to 106 pieces and over the limit I imposed.

Here's both packages.

Here's a Frame  (2Rd+d8/2B) and two Stations.

Here's the leftover parts.

At $3.49 and $3.97 respectively, that's roughly $7.50 for a Frame and a Station.  Extrapolating that out, it's $22.50 for a Defender size Squad (3 units), $37.50 for an Attacker (5 units), and $52.50 for a Primary Attacker squad (7 units).  You also have plenty of leftover parts to convert into SSRs or other Attachments.

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