Wednesday, November 22, 2017

PAX Unplugged Observations 2017

My thoughts and observations from the inaugural year.
1.) The drive down wasn't too bad until I got off the New Jersey Turnpike and got lost.
2.) Next year I may take the day before the con off and drive down in the daylight.
3.) I didn't give out any business cards as they're still in storage from the move.
4.) I saw a few of cool cosplay costumes this year. I only managed to get one picture though.
5.) We managed to get in a full game of MFZ on Saturday, and Cmdr Rook finally got a chance to play.
6.) We didn't do any demoing of Intercept Orbit for this con.
7.) I managed to change my actual demo bag and the contents. It's now a little carry-on luggage bag with just the demo Frames, Terrain, Dice, Felt, Rulers, and Rulebook.
8.) I managed to hang with my booth-mates after the con floor closed on Saturday
9.) I'm not sure I need a "me" day for this con. I realized while walking around on Sunday that I don't need more stuff -- unless it really rocks my world -- I just need more time to play the games I already have.
10.) As always I'm scouring the internet for photos of MFZ from the con. If anyone who reads this blog has any I'd like to see them if possible.
11.) I had a really good time and met some cool people.
12.) Next year I may make more of an effort to get to the Lego store in Cherry Hill, NJ.
13.) Next year I will also make more of an effort to eat regularly and keep my caffeine intake regulated.
14.) As always, it was great to see everyone, all the friends I've made because of the con and my friends from outside the con.

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