Monday, February 4, 2019

Post Game Interview 4

For the first game of the year, I broke out the questionnaire again.  Although this one had a few questions that were suggested by Tom, so technically it's a new questionnaire.

1.) Why did you choose the squad composition and size that you brought to today's game?
Chuck: I like specialized units, as opposed to standard Soldier outfit.  Aside from that, I wanted to maximize the number of units/systems I had.
Pete: I AM LANDSHARK!  (It's the only unit I have to play.)
PJ Nicht: I wanted to try out new units I built and try out a different strategy.  Mostly wanted to try out the new units.
Occam's Spork: Small enough in number not to be starting in last place.  Three units to adapt to damage.  One unit for artillery support.
Narbey: More the merrier.
Me: I wanted to try something slightly different, so I added a Brawler to my usual Soldiers.

2.) Did you have a strategy for today's game?
Chuck: Yes.
Pete: Yes.
PJ Nicht: Yes!
Occam's Spork: Yes.
Narbey: Yes.
Me: Sort of?

2a.) If so, what was it?
Chuck: I'm not telling you.  J/K  I have two units set up to bunker in and protect my Station and drop Yellow dice on opponents.  Two other units are hopefully going to score some points.
Pete: Kill Narbey!
PJ Nicht: My two Spots defend and spot enemy mechs to either entice other people to attack those guys .  I want to try and indirectly influence the flow of battle.
Occam's Spork: Defend base with artillery, use two units to take a base.
Narbey: Get there on time.
Me: I was aiming for first or second position and I managed second.

3.) Why did you place your squad on the table the way you did at the start of the game?
Chuck: I wanted two units to go on the offensive and two to hang back and place Spots.
Pete: I don't know ... Mantisking?
PJ Nicht: I wanted to control as much of the table as possible and get everyone in close proximity to each other.
Narbey: No reason.  But -- put double artillery and Station at corner as usual -- Used trees as cover -- Units were spread.
Me: I wanted to attack PJ Nicht because he was Defender.

4.) Did your strategy for today's game change at any point while we were playing?
Chuck: Doesn't it always?
Pete: Yes.
PJ Nicht: Yes, at the very beginning.
Narbey: No.
Me: Yes.

4a.) If so, how?
Chuck: I got bum rushed at my Station by Chris and chose to give it up.  My other forces still kept up the offensive.
Pete: When Occam's Spork moved off his Station, I pounced.
PJ Nicht: My strategy turned into staying alive and having my base out in the open to try and use it as bait and capture someone else's base.
Me: I thought I could attack Occam's Spork and remove him as a threat.  Which turned out to be a mistake.

5.) After setup, how did you predict the game would go?
Chuck: I had no idea except that there would be mayhem.
Pete: I always look for where the pile-up is going to be and move away from it.  Half the table was too dense with mechs, and I wasn't a threat on that side, so I sat out (at first).
PJ Nicht: Not as I hoped.  My two Spotters were too far out to do anything but Spot.
Narbey: Pete!
Me: I'm usually too busy running through the "Start of Game" checklist to think about this.

5a.) Who did you think would win?
Chuck: Chris or Pete.
Pete: Me!
PJ Nicht: No idea.  I thought Mantisking might have it , moving in to protect his base and capture my base.
Narbey: Pete!
Me: See my answer to question five.

6.) Any personal comments you'd like to add?
Chuck: It is now late and I am tired, but this was a fun game.
Pete: Great game!!
PJ Nicht: Had a blast.  Wished I passed more and moved my mechs more.
Narbey: Pete!
Me: A really fun game, I just have to do something about getting things started on time.

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