Monday, June 4, 2018

Post Game Interview

I'm trying something a little different today.  After the last game, due to this discussion on the Hangar, I handed out a questionnaire with a few simple questions on it to try and get some insight into the choices made before the game started and while we were setting up.  I did this because I wanted to do something new on my blog and I wanted to take a look at the strategy and tactics used in Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack.

Here are the questions I asked.

1.) Why did you choose the squad composition and size that you brought to today's game?
Tom: See 2a.
Chuck: I have no idea, really.  I went with the max loadout minus one System, because I didn't want a unit disadvantage.
Occam's Spork: More units are more fun.
Stevenik: Try to start at a higher position.  Less guys, more systems.
Me: I crunched the numbers on past games and saw a trend in squad sizes, so I tailored my squad size to take advantage of that.  Squad composition was my normal Soldiers plus one Brawler.

2.) Did you have a strategy for today's game?
Tom: Yes.
Chuck: Yes.
Occam's Spork: No, strategy falls apart as soon as other units are put down.
Stevenik: Yes.
Me: I thought I did but it all fell apart when my anticipated position in the battle order changed.

2a.) If so, what was it?
Tom: Try to get 6 PPA.  If not Defender, use Artillery to provoke fights between other players then use Melee to claim a Station or two at the end.  If Defender, deny as much area as possible during set up and place Station forward for other players to fight over.  Then apply previously mentioned strategy.
Chuck: Try not to suck.
Stevenik: Attack Tom.
Me: My backup plan became steal 1 - Tom's Station,  2 - ????, 3 - profit?!?

3.) Why did you place your squad on the table the way you did at the start of the game?
Chuck: I have no idea, it seemed like a good idea at the time.
Stevenik: Place my Double Spot/Double Artillery at furthest point on the table which was changed in the first round.
Me: It was the closest spot to Tom's Station and the only really open area on the table.

4.) Did your strategy for today's game change at any point while we were playing?
Tom: No, things went entirely to plan.
Stevenik: In the first round.
Me: Yes.

4a.) If so, how?
Stevenik: Artillery was attacked first round.
Me: In the last turn I saw open Stations and I went after them in an attempt to win.

5.) Any personal comments you'd like to add?
Tom: Despite everything going to my plan, this was a strange game as there were a lot of ways I could lose.

The answers I received are under the corresponding questions.

I hope this gives some insight to the strategy and tactics of the Missile Base Omega game.

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