Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Battle Report!

I actually got the chance to play this past Sunday.  I brought my demo set-up over to a friend's house to teach him how to play.  Mainly because we had nothing better to do on a cold Sunday besides play MFZ and eat Dim Sum.  :-)

I selected my squad of Spider Mechs,  stevenik took the Strongarms.  With eight mechs (26 attachments) and three stations I had 33 points.  stevenik had five mechs (18 attachments) and three stations for 56 points.  At this point I made a hash of the placement rules as I had left my copy of the rulebook at home.  It all worked out okay though.

Here's the battlefield at the start of the game.

Steve's Primary Station is at the lower right of the left-hand picture.  My Primary Attacker is just to the right of the white house.

Turn 1: stevenik, having the initiative, decides to activate his mechs.  One at a time he cycles through his mechs taking a poke at as many of mine that were in range.  This led to my Primary Attacker taking three hits.  He also sends his Black mech after one of my unguarded stations.  After his turn was done I attacked, destroying his Blue mech and damaging his white one.  All this through withering chain attacks and lucky dice rolls.  I also send several poorly placed mechs scurrying towards his open stations.  The Doomsday Clock then counted down to 10 from 12.

Turn 2: stevenik is still in control 49 to 33, so he once again attacks with all his mechs.  He does minor damage to another of my mechs and manages to capture one of my stations.  I manage to destroy a second mech of his and capture one of his stations in return.  I also managed to leap frog my mechs closer to his other stations.  The Doomsday Clock then counted down to 8 from 10.

Turn 3:  stevenik is still in control 42 to 33.  This time he finally destroys my Primary attacker and damages another that I had moved in to attack his Silver artillery mech.  He also moves his Black mech back toward one of his stations I am trying to capture.  I move for position.  I also for get to document this turn with pictures.  The Doomsday Clock then counted down to 6 from 8.

Turn 4: stevenik is still in control 42 to 30.  He once again activates all of his mechs in turn.  He destroys another of my attacking mechs as well as blocking one of his secondary stations from my attackers, forcing a heavy confrontation.  I activate my mechs, doing minor damage.  The Doomsday Clock then counted down to 4 from 6.

Turn 5: stevenik is still in control 42 to 27.  He once again attacks, doing minor damage.  I attack in return, destroying his Black mech and capturing one of his stations.  The tide has shifted!  The Doomsday Clock then counted down to 2 from 4.

Turn 6: I have seized control!  The points stand at 30 for me to 28 for him.  I force stevenik to go.  He attacks with his two remaining mechs, setting up a Hail Mary attack from his artillery mech.  It fails to do enough damage and I skate through by the skin of my teeth to win the game.

Here's a few pictures of the aftermath of the game.

Notice the killing field by the barrel depot -- the lower right corner of three of the pictures.  Four mechs were destroyed and one was damaged in the fighting over that one station.

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