Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Sets for Parts #4

Since the clearance season has started, here's a new list.  Let's start this one out with a bit of a surprise.  Affordable Star Wars sets!

75000 Clone Troopers vs. Droidekas, $11.99 for 126 pieces.  Lots of Light and Dark Blay pieces, standard for Star Wars sets, but two Droideka "figures" that can be assembled as mechs or broken down for the component pieces.

75002 AT-RT, $19.99 for 202 pieces.  Lovely bits in blue and blay, and a couple of the new brackets.  If you buy two sets you can make a Ruler from the 1x4 Hinge Bricks that are a part of the set.  The Droideka "figure" looks like it might fit into MFZ scale too.

9447 Lasha's Bite Cycle, $24.99 for 250 pieces.  Sideways hinge bricks, hinge plates, Technic bits, Lime and Dark Green pieces make this a fun set.

70701 Swarm Interceptor, $19.99 for 218 pieces.  Three different shades of blue!  Clip plates, hinge plates, bar plates, and a 2x4 Hinge Plate make for a good selection.

70702 Warp Stinger, $29.99 for 310 pieces.  Look at all the new pieces

79001 Escape from Mirkwood Spiders, $29.99 for 298 pieces.  Clip plates, clip tiles, and click hinges all over the places.  The color pallete is a little limited though.

7347 Highway Pickup, $79.99 for 805 pieces.  Lots of clip plates and Technic bits in this one.  Probably would have been cheaper if it didn't have two Light Bricks.

10230 Mini Modulars, $79.99 for 1356 pieces!  This one is full of great pieces, but they're in ones and twos.

6914 Prehistoric Hunters, $17.99 for 191 pieces.  John Phelps (Dogbarian) writes, "Another nice set, I picked it up for $17, but have since seen it cheaper, it's 194 parts, so it's in the sweet ratio, and has a large number of hinge plates (in red, light grey, dark grey, and black), as well as 3 Technic rotation joints and a number of other interesting ones."

31005 Construction Hauler, $17.99 for 256 pieces.  Red and yellow pieces, click hinges, taps, droid arms, lightsaber bars, Lampholders, and headlight bricks, oh my!

31008 Thunder Wings, $19.99 for 235 pieces. Orange, white, and blue pieces, hinge plates, lamp holders, wedge bricks, and slope bricks.  Pretty nice.

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  1. Bought two 75002 AT-RT for $16.14 each to augment the five Umbaran MHC polybags that I own. It's nice that the AT-RT has the same colors as the Umbaran MHC hehe. Than