Monday, December 10, 2012

Random Thoughts About MFZ

After making the chance to play a game yesterday (Yes, there will be a battle report.  I still have to upload a few photos and pin down a few details before I post anything.) I have a few thoughts rattling around my head concerning MFZ.

1.) Split Range weapons are a really bad idea when teaching the game.  They have their place after someone is used to playing but in an introductory situation they are annoying to explain and hard to execute well.

1A.) I really need to update my Strongarms demo team to eliminate this problem.

2.) I really need to internalize the set-up rules.  I forgot my copy of the rules at home and went from memory for everything.  I have the points per, dice rolling, and initiative rules locked in.  Not the rules for setting up forces on the battlefield.

3.) One of these days I will actually use Single Shot Rockets in a game.

4.) One of these days I will actually remember to do damage to cover during a game.

5.) The MFZ engine has the potential to be remarkably robust.  After the game was over we discussed using it for a game of X-Men vs. Avengers with Kubrik figures standing in for the usual Lego mecha.

6.) We also discussed using Shogun Warriors figures as the "miniatures" for a game.  I really want to try that someday.  Terrain will be a bitch though.

7.) I need a better transportation system.  The cardboard box I'm using right now is good in terms of carrying space, it's just a little awkward.  I should look into a large tackle box like the one Joshua uses.  That way I have a handle to hold on to and it's easier to transport in public.


  1. Good read!

    Also, happy now? :P

  2. I have no memory of the set up rules as well.

    1. Well, you are new to the game. I've been playing for five years. I should have all of it locked in by now.

    2. I guess that's true. I've played about 10 games by now. Totally sympathize about forgetting your single shot rockets. I've been whacked pretty hard with those.