Monday, December 24, 2012

More Community!

Since Christmas is tomorrow I figured I'd post this tonight and get a jump on the week.

Here's a few blogs with minimal posts about MFZ.  I'd like to see more from all of these. More voices in the wilderness as it were.

postGeek -- This blog has a couple of posts about MFZ. -- Another blog with one post about MFZ.
Build/Paint/Play -- Ditto.
Robaker -- Ditto.
To Hit Arse Class 0 -- And another.

Here's some random DeviantArt pages.

Mobile Frame Zero test -- A page by Doc Evilonavich.
Mobile Frame Zero: Prototype 1 -- By KarolineDianne.
Mobile Frame Zero Objectives  -- By Magical Tuba Pixie.
MFZ Ground Lancer Heavy -- A LDD frame by Xeno-Striker.  Looks like a MGN variant, but I could be wrong.
Sigmund -- A mech by Lord Icarus.
Lego Mech Squad -- A set of mechs by Illogictree.
NT-103 Bandit -- By HeroicSpartanMan51.

Here's a couple of new Pinterest pages.

Legos -- A Pinterest page by M.J. Bauer, of C6 fame.
Robotix -- This contains non-Lego images but looks to be full of interesting pictures.

And a random Imgur post about building forces for MFZ.

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