Monday, December 10, 2012

Random Thoughts About MFZ 1.5

 8.) I need to remember to keep better notes so I'm not up 'til 2am trying to remember details of the game.

9.) I need to prep more more squads to be battle ready.  I've got a bunch that look cool that haven't been quite finished or statted up.

10.) I need to build more squad-specific stations.  The ones I've built for the Spider Mechs are great.  Now make more because you were lucky to have a couple of generic stations in the demo box on Sunday.  :-)

11.) I need to build more terrain.  The village set-up looks good.  If I build more and different buildings I can vary the battlefield and the type of games we play.

12.) As you will see from the pictures in the upcoming battle report, I still haven't built a Ruler.

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