Monday, December 8, 2014

Purity: BrickForge Review 2

In this review we'll be looking at some hand to hand weapons from Brickforge.  In the time since the last Brickforge review I've also come up with a new rating system for Third Party Parts.  This is how it works.

Modifiers:                                                     Ratings:
Fits more than one scale (+15)                          A+ (+20)
Fits one scale (+10)                                         A    (+15)
Fits no scale (-15)                                            A-   (+10)
Scale doesn't matter. (+0)                                 B+   (+5)
No problems connecting. (+5)                            B     (0)
Problems connecting. (-5)                                  B-    (-5)
Sprue flash. (-5)                                                C+  (-10)
                                                                       C    (-15)
                                                                       C-   (-20)
                                                                       D+  (-25)

This is the Dragon Sword.  It works well at both scales but has a problem fitting into a Clip Tile.

Rating: A- (+10)

The Hero Sword.  There are going to be a lot of edged weapons in this review.  It looks good at both scales and has no problem with Clip Tiles.

Rating: A+ (+20)

The Kukri.  This is one of my all time favorite weapons.  It looks a tiny bit small at 7P scale though.

Rating: A (+15)

Spiked Mace.  Whack, crunch, thump.  It looks good at both scales.

Rating: A+ (+20)

Let's go back and rate the items from the last review.
Coilgun: B+ (+5)
Advanced Recon Striker: B+ (+5)
Anti-Material Sniper: A+ (+20)
Flamespitter: A (+15)
Sub-Orbital Machine Gun: C- (-20)


  1. Given the Kukri is a knife and not a sword I think it looks good at either scale.