Monday, September 28, 2015

Build Journal: Hedgehogs

One of the "problems" of buying sets in bulk is that you sometimes end up with parts you don't immediately have a use for.  You then have to find storage space for them, put them away, etc.  I sort of had this problem with 1x2-2x2 Inverted Brackets.  They don't stack neatly and they take up a lot of space when loose.

I noticed recently that when assembled into my usual storage configuration
they look kind of like a Czech Hedgehog.  I remember having a discussion
with Malcolm Craig about Travis Bricks making a good starting point for Hedgehogs but they were a little too rare in the community at the time.

That led me to attaching a bunch of pointy bits in different configurations
to make a handful of different variations.  The two on the outside will
each take two hits before being brought under the height limit for cover.

One of the benefits of these creations is that you can toss a handful onto a table like they were Jacks and they won't break apart.  That makes set up really easy if all you are using is these Hedgehogs.  A coincidental good thing for me is that these are built out of White, Black, and Lime colored pieces, so they match the color scheme for my Sci-Fi Outpost setting.

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