Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Road to PAX East 2016, Part 2

Back on Tuesday, Sept. 8th Dark Cloud Blogs hosted a G+ chat for us to talk about PAX East 2016 and other things.  We discussed a number of topics and had a few people from the community join in.  Here's a breakdown of most of the things we talked about.

Dark Cloud Blogs vs. The Mobile Frame Garage.  A MFZ: Rapid Attack game at mini-figure scale.  It will be a skirmish and the field of battle will be from 9 feet to 13 feet on a side.  We're probably going to need Joshua's help securing the necessary square footage.  I've got a solid idea of the squad I want to field, I just have to build it.

Since last year's PAX East I've wanted to run a Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack Tournament.  Twenty-seven  players is the magic number.  That gets us the optimum table breakdown for three rounds of play.  There are at least 20 MFZ players in Massachusetts alone.  I know because I've seen them on the Hangar.  If we can get them all to attend along with several people from outside the state we can have a really fun get-together and play MFZ at the same time.  Of course this would be helped if we got this on the official PAX East schedule.

Mobile Frame Zero Review Panel / Blogger's Symposium.  Another thing I want to do is get all of the MFZ bloggers in one place and do a panel on what it takes to do a blog for MFZ.  Or maybe do a "State of Mobile Frame Zero" type panel involving Joshua.  This idea is less clear in my head than the tournament one.

MF0: Music Vid.  John came up with a parody of "Hello" from Book of Mormon based on MFZ.  He wants to make a MFVA (Mobile Frame Music Video!)?!?

John has set up an ongoing G+ Hangout for us to talk about MFZ.  It will be every other month on the second Tuesday starting Oct 13.  There can only be 10 in the chat so the guests will be limited but any open slots means there will be an entrance link in the watch room on a first come first serve basis.

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