Friday, September 11, 2015

Build Journal: Sci-Fi Outpost

A long time ago I wrote a post on making your gaming table look good.  Interesting terrain always makes things better.  MittenNinja has his High Desert look, Malcolm Craig had that one really neat game at a Spaceport.  I stuck with the houses and other buildings I'd made as terrain for a fairly long time, but they didn't really take much damage in any of the games we played using them.  That kind of takes away one of the fun parts of the game, scattering bits of Lego all over the battlefield.  They also made the table look a little pedestrian.  They didn't really have a science fiction "look" to them.  Recently I've been working on changing that.  This summer I started building new scenery that wasn't overly complex but still looked interesting.

I started with the "Sci-Fi Greenhouse".

My second creation was the "Sci-Fi Drill".

The "Solar Panel Installation" was my third creation.

Next up was the "Bug Train".  It's an all
terrain vehicle towing several cargo pods.  Bug
is a play on Buggy, also the main body design somewhat looks like an insect's carapace.

So far the last item is a "Micro Sci-Fi Greenhouse".

I'm trying to unify the look of all these designs by using a fairly
strict color palette.  White and Lime Green are the main two
colors.  Black is a secondary color along with Trans-Light Blue.

You can see these pieces being used in a couple of games, here and here.

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