Friday, September 18, 2015

Random Mechs 15

Let's finish out the week with some interesting mecha.

Crankcase by Hammerstein NWC.  I've featured his work before.
This one may be a tad tall for MFZ but it sure is interesting.

W5-252 Combat Drone - Heavy Weapons Variant by MinifigGuy.
I'm not too thrilled by the ankle connections, but the rest
of it looks solid.  It also can't be downloaded.

"Kobold" Drone by Garry_Rocks.  Render.  There are some 
brilliant techniques here.  It's unfortunate we'll never see
this one "in the brick", 'cause this thing is a beast.

Puddle Jumper by Nick Royer.  These look fantastic.  They also have instructions.

RCI MM-G2 by art_xxx13.  A simple, straightforward build with just
enough articulation.  A squad of these on a table would be great.

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