Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Community, Revisited

Another cruise through Google yields us the following:

Mechaton @ Anyway -- The birthplace of the game.
Xenoglyph --Joshua's site.
Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack -- The home-page.
No BS, Just ABS -- The Grand-daddy of MFZ blogs.
Dices Are Not For Eating -- You want to do rule mods?  Read here first.
Mechatonic -- Defunct, but still a great read.
Orion 6 -- The other new kid on the block.
MFZ Kickstarter -- There's some great conversation here.
Barf Forth Apocalyptica -- Vincent's message board.
The Lumpley Forge forum -- Vincent's original message board at the Forge, now closed.
Mechaton @ Divnull -- Wordman is the gentleman who is doing all the instructions for building mechs in MFZ.
Bots of Westeros -- Combining MFZ with A Game of Thrones, the old Tumblr version.
Bots of Westeros  -- The new blog version
Tabletop Terrain -- a blog by c0d3monk33 that's recently started talking about MFZ.
Mechaton @ Attacks of Opportunity -- A few alternate rules.
Mechaton @ Mental Propinquity -- A couple of fun Mobile Frame Zero posts.
Postgeek -- one post featuring Chubs.
Mobile Frame Hangar -- A source for LDraw files.
Tyrona -- An alternate setting for MFZ.
MFZ Wiki -- The wiki.
Mechaton @ -- Yeah, I've had a lot to do with the discussion there.
MFZ @ Something Awful forums -- Looks like there's some conversation going on here.
Tagged/Mobile-Frame-Zero.  This is a Tumblr that Carbonbass has posted a lot to.
Here's an article on MFZ with some discussion.
MFZ/sub-Reddit -- Quade81 has such nice things to say about my blog.
Mobile Frame Zero Mech Instructions -- A Pinterest site.
Badass MoF0 Mecha Frames -- Another Pinterest site.
MFZ Homebrew Rules -- Another new blog specializing in -- you guessed it -- new rules for MFZ.
FullBroadsides.Com/MobileFrame --  It's one page with a few pictures and a brief mention of MFZ. Mechaton @ Boardgamegeek
MFZ @ Boardgamegeek
MF0 IRC blog --A blog that covers the discussion on the MFZ IRC channel.
La Cueva del Lobo  -- A Spanish language gaming blog that has a single mention of MFZ.  Good choices for photos though.
Lego  -- Another Pinterest board with MFZ scale lego mecha.
MFØ -- Another.
Mobile Frame Zero -- and another.
Captain's Challenge 4 -- A short Youtube video showing off a couple of MFZ scale mechs.
Build/Paint/Play -- One entry on a gaming blog.

The main trio where conversation is taking place are the following:
MFZ Flickr Group
Mobile Frame Hangar
MFZ Facebook Group

As always, if there are any more locations where MFZ is being discussed -- beyond little one-shot mentions of the kickstarter, or the game itself -- please let me know so I can include them.


  1. Just to point out, you have my Tumblr address here instead of the newer WordPress one that you've got going on the sidebar.