Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Burn Out

I think I'm a little burnt out on MFZ.  Not playing, just thinking about it.  I find it hard to generate any enthusiasm when it comes to blog posts and my creativity seems to be on the wane.

Hopefully the completed book will be out soon and it will give me the jump start I need.


  1. Same for me.

    Building with legos is now an activity to do whilst
    listening to music.

  2. hey, i'm new to this whole scene. Your blog is a great source of inspiration.

    1. Take a break. I've had a little 5 week hiatus (mostly playing Guild Wars 2 and Smite). Then all of a sudden I felt the inspiration and crapped out whole frame, followed by updating my favorite one as well as re-imagining its whole armory.

      If you just think about ideas for it nonstop the inspiration and creativity will almost always run out. To other things you enjoy. You never know what will make you come back to the LEGO drawing board with new ideas.