Friday, March 15, 2013

TMOH: Block Chest Brigade

The Block Chest design started with this version.

I wasn't exactly happy with the way it looked and the one stud connection from the chest to the waist was way too fragile.  I did like the way the legs looked though.  So I worked a bit more and it became this.

It has the same essential shape, just smaller.  He has a brother.

After a building spree I added a few more to the lineup and modified the Prototype into something I was happy with.  Here's the squad together.  (It's not the greatest of pictures.)

Here are a few specialized versions.

This is another picture of the first Block Chest mech in a more limber pose.

You can see it's a fun little frame that can be modified into multiple variants.  I should have a few more pictures to share with you soon.

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