Friday, May 24, 2013

Flickr Alternative

There is an alternative to Flickr.  It's called ipernity.  It has all the functionality of Flickr and it looks like Flickr used to, back before they started with that "justified" formatting.  There are minor differences in the way ipernity does certain things, but it works okay.  Right now I'm still navigating my way through and setting things up.  The only problem I see at the moment is that there is a limited ability to share photos.  I can understand Flickr's "share" ability being protected IP but people want post on more  sites than FB, G+, and Twitter.  Also, pictures seem to be saved as GIFs rather than JPEGs.

Okay, after a couple of days of prodding, it looks like embedding and downloading capabilities are hidden behind a paywall.

Here's my page.  An ipernity exclusive photo!
Here's the MFZ group I started.  Right now it's invitation only.  I'm sure that'll change in the future.
Here's a general Lego group.

Go nuts.  :-)


  1. Did ipernity ask you for your mailing address? I tried it, signed up fine, but when I went to fill in my profile, the address field was required. I deleted my account, instead. No other social site has required me to give them my mailing address. They had a note that said it was required by law. They're a French company, so maybe that was it, and maybe I could've put anything there or nothing, but I didn't like that it even asked for that.

    1. I don't remember to be honest. I have my country of origin listed, that's about it.

    2. Hmmmm..... One of my flickr contacts had the same experience being asked for an address and deleted her account, too. I'll probably see how workable flickr is -- I've added a number of hacks that have helped -- and give ipernity time to add all the features it's missing, like Collections and an Android app, then see what I want to do. I can't find anything else that comes close to doing what flickr does.