Sunday, November 10, 2013

TMOH: Starships

With the release of the playtest spaceship combat rules for MFZ I figured I'd give people a peek at a set of ships I designed to be used as a faction fleet.

This is a Battle Cruiser. For the moment, you can call the spinal mount a double Laser (2Rl+d8), and the antennas on the top can be Sensors (1Y).  The spring launcher on the side can be a Frame Catapult.

This is a Strike Destroyer.  The spinal mount can be a Laser (2Rl), the brackets on the sides can be Missile Launchers (2Rm+d8).  The tiles in front of the bridge can be Armor (1B).

This is a Death's Head Destroyer.  The turret can be Ack-Ack (2Ra).  The skull piece can be a Missile Launcher (2Rm).  The slab sides can be double Armor (2B).

This flotilla currently has the Battle Cruiser in the center flanked by two Death's Head Destroyers.  The Strike Destroyers running intercept in front and back.  With five ships and 20 attachments it will probably be the Primary Attacker.

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