Monday, January 5, 2015

Polly Want A Baggy 3

Let's take a look at the new polybags for 2015 -- that are interesting for MFZ -- shall we?  Once again, I'd like to thank Brickset for the information.

30256 Ice Bear Mech.  I've already seen pictures of this posted on the Facebook group.  Minus the minifig, this looks pretty good.

30272 A-Wing Starfighter.  This looks like an IO Frigate-in-a-bag.  Then again, most Star Wars ships do.

30274 AT-DP.  This is a free giveaway at Lego stores this month with a purchase of a Star Wars set.  Jump on it now because it will more than likely sell out before the month is over.  It is chock full of all the fiddly little bits we like.  I already have one and will be reviewing it soon.

30275 TIE Advanced Prototype.  Another possible IO Frigate-in-a-bag.

30283 Off-Road.  This looks like it might be good for terrain.

30284 Tractor.  Another possible terrain set.

30285 Tiger.  Like last year's Cute Kitty set, this looks to have a bunch of useful parts.  And it comes in at $0.06 per piece.

30291 Anacondrai Battle Mech.  The Ninjago line is no stranger to mecha sets.  This one is just a little smaller than most.

30292 Jay Nano Mech.  This set, along with the previous poly bag, could be good starting points for beginning players.

30293 Kai Drifter.  Another possible IO Frigate-in-a-bag.  This one has guns that shoot!

30303 The Joker Bumper Car.  This looks like it could be the start of either a Hovertank for RA, or a Frigate for IO.

30311 Swamp Police Helicopter.  Another police helicopter, but this one has some interesting additions.

30312 Demolition Driller.  I used a few Construction polybags last year as the starting point for some interesting creations.  I think this one could be fun too.

30313 Garbage Truck.  This could be an interesting starting point, it all depends on the price.

This looks to be a bumper crop of polybags this year.

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