Monday, February 16, 2015

Random Stuff

I got bored one day and did a random trawl of Google for mentions of Mobile Frame Zero.

How did I not see this 'til now?!?  This webcomic references Mobile Frame Zero, although in a somewhat oblique manner.

I really should pay more attention to deviantArt.

Here's a random mention of MFZ on GeeksLeague, a French speaking blog.

Quasar Mech Works, a dead MFZ blog.

Apparently some people use Instagram for MFZ photos.

A podcast that mentions MFZ at PAX East 2014.  They start talking about it at 1:17:50 or so.

A Few Bricks Short.  A recent Lego blog that also is posting about MFZ.

Has anyone else found anything of interest to the MFZ community after trawling through the internet?

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