Thursday, May 4, 2017

PAX Unplugged

Tickets for PAX Unplugged went on sale yesterday.  PAX Unplugged is a tabletop games only version of the regular PAX conventions.  It's going to be held in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on November 17th to 19th.

As far as I know the Indie Bazaar, the group Joshua A.C. Newman works with when doing conventions, will have a presence at the con.  I believe there will be a Mobile Frame Zero presence at the con.  I know several MFZ people in South Jersey have an interest in attending.  MFZ players from the Mid-Atlantic states should be able to get to this con easily too.

I'm hoping to be there, I hope I see you there too!

1 comment:

  1. Got my tickets yesterday, for all three days. I live in Philly, so lugging a box full of MFs won't be a problem. Hope to see a bunch of you guys there.