Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Community

Right now the community is still fairly small.  There was an explosion when the Kickstarter gained serious traction due to the Penny Arcade mention.  That has settled down though.  Right now it looks like this:
Mechaton @ Anyway -- The birthplace of the game.
Xenoglyph --Joshua's site.
No BS, Just ABS -- The Grand-daddy of MFZ blogs.
Dices Are Not For Eating -- You want to do rule mods?  Read here first.
Mechatonic -- Defunct, but still a great read.
Orion 6 -- The other new kid on the block.
MFZ Kickstarter -- There's some great conversation here.
Barf Forth Apocalyptica -- Vincent's message board.
Mechaton @ Divnull -- Wordman is the gentleman who is doing all the instructions for building mechs in MFZ.
Bots of Westeros -- Combining MFZ with A Game of Thrones.
Mechaton @ Attacks of Opportunity -- A few alternate rules.
Mechaton @ Mental Propinquity -- A couple of fun Mobile Frame Zero posts.
Mobile Frame Hangar -- A source for LDraw files.
Tyrona -- An alternate setting for MFZ.
MFZ Wiki -- The wiki.
Mechaton @ RPG.net -- Yeah, I've had a lot to do with the discussion there.
MFZ @ Something Awful forums -- Looks like there's some conversation going on here.
Mechaton @ Boardgamegeek
MFZ @ Boardgamegeek

If there are any more locations where MFZ is being discussed, beyond little one-shot mentions of the kickstarter, please let me know so I can include them.

The main trio where conversation is taking place are the following:
MFZ Flickr Group
Mobile Frame Hangar
MFZ Facebook Group

If you are interested in Mobile Frame Zero and you are not on one of these three sites, why not?  I hate Facebook and I even made an account just to talk about MFZ there.  Right now, this is where the action is.  This is where you can talk to other MoFØs, see what they are building, show off what you're building, and share your thoughts about the game.  There were over 2,000 supporters of MFZ.  Let's get everyone in a centralized location so we can all share ideas and enthusiasm.