Saturday, April 14, 2012

PAX East 2012 Photos

Here are a double handful of photos courtesy of the people who played in the games!

Photos from GearsFC3S.
Table View, Black Knight Strongarms frame.
Overhead View, Strongarms team.
That's me in the top right.  I'm guiding someone through the dice choices for their mech.
Spider Mech team.
Another view of the Spider Mech team.
A Strongarms frame takes cover between two buildings.

Crab Mechs have been damaged!
A mech's-eye view of the Black Knight Strongarms.

Alternate view of the White Strongarms.
The White Crab Mech has been reduced to a stationary gun platform.
The Blue one too!
Photos from KoMinneapolis.
Spider Mech Leader.

This shows more of the confrontation between the Spider and Crab mechs from Game 3.

There was someone else who took pictures but they didn't give me permission to post them here.  Here are links to those pictures.  Photo 1.  Photo 2.  Photo 3.  They're from the set-up/start of game four just before Joshua took over for me.

I'd like to thank all the people who took these photos as I had forgotten my camera that day.

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