Thursday, April 4, 2013

Instructions 2: the Wordman Special

In a comment on my last Instructions post, Wordman clued me in to a bunch of instructions that he had created.

Crater Corporation Mech by Malcolm Craig.

MgN-302 by Malcolm Craig.

MgN-311 by Malcolm Craig.

Anaconda by MittenNinja.

Copperhead by MittenNinja.

Iguana by MittenNinja.

Mini-Frame by Squieu.

Takafashii-C by Squieu.

Classic by Vincent Baker.

Conscript by Soren Roberts.

Knight by OrangeKnight.

Gutbucket by Darcy Burgess.


  1. The second step of the Anaconda mech... how do you put the wheel in that way?! O_o

    1. MittenNinja cuts the wheel to make it fit.