Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Random Flickr Trawl

Some random neat looking things I've found in a recent troll through the Flickr Lego group.

Mini Marchikoma 2 by porschecm2.

Mech 2 by -{$lapbrick}-.

Albatross Airframe - Bomber by Harding Co.

Speedikoma Racer by cmaddison.

Mitsubishi Robotics Symbio Mk.II by .Tromas.

Meanwhile at the Legion of Doom by [skatersponge].

Home Sweet Home! by A Plastic Infinity.

Inphobot by Cole Blaq.  (He doesn't allow downloading.)

And to bring it all the way back around to the beginning --
Mini Marchikoma 3 by porschecm2.

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