Friday, July 26, 2013

Purity: 38954 Combat Chopper Review

To finish out Review Week 2, I present to you the Kre-O set "Combat Chopper".

The box.  Once again, something I purchased on Clearance.

Instructions and stickers.

Kreons.  Just two this time around.  I can't quite figure out what to do with that Alien Kreon body.  It's like the Lego Robot Bodies but bulkier.  There's also a "flame" piece that might look good in action pictures.

Parts 1.  See those bricks in the middle-bottom section?  They don't have studs on the other side.

Parts 2.  Bricks and clips and tiles and plates.  Oh my!

Parts 3.  Those landing gear pieces in the lower left look like they might be interesting.  The Kre-O version of the Lever & Base in the upper middle section of the picture is pretty neat too.

Parts 4.  Yeah, you get a fair amount in this set.  A lot of it in Olive Green.  That canopy piece will be hard to work with though.  That brick with the red protrusions in the top left corner is for rotating the helicopter blades manually when the set is built.

Using the new rating system -- which I'll share in a future post -- this set comes out with an A.  Once again, try and get this on sale or marked down in some manner.

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