Monday, July 22, 2013

Purity: 38953 Land Defense Battle Pack Review

Continuing on with another week of reviews, we come to my first Battle Pack review.  Essentially an "army builder" set it features a bunch of Kreons with enough parts to build a small playset for them.

The box.  As you can see I purchased this one on clearance.

The instructions and sticker sheet.  The stickers are a little on the large side and probably won't come in that handy for other builds.

Here are the Kreons from the set.  Three good guys, one bad guy.  If you look at the upper left bag you can see a treat.  There's a minifig scale shoulder mounted rocket launcher.

Here we have some of the parts from the set.  I really think the ring w/handle in the middle of the picture will make a great greeble.  The clip on wings are nice.  As is the 1x2 w/handles in the lower right corner.  The "seat" in the upper left should have lots of SNOT uses.

Here we have the remaining pieces of the set.  You can see the 1x1 Round Brick "gun muzzles", textured Cheese Slopes, and Ammo Chains everyone likes.  What intrigues me is the two part "turntable" that is two plates thick as opposed to the standard Lego version.  Theose are the grey and black pieces over in the two left-most columns.  Then there's the two "Handles w/Stud" in the upper middle of the photo and the weird SNOT Clip block, that's actually a two part launcher, in the lower right.

As you can see there are a fair amount of useful parts in this set.  Unfortunately at $13 for 81 pieces that's $0.16 per piece.  On clearance at $7.99 it's $0.10 per piece.  Luckily I bought it during one of Kmart's "1/2 off Clearance" sales and I only paid $3.99.  You might be able to make a complete mech from this set, but at that price I have to give this a C+.

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