Friday, August 30, 2013

Spotlight: Multihawk

Multihawk isn't really a member of the Mecha / MFZ community but, seeing as he's going away to college and into a self-imposed Dark Ages, I figured I'd give him a send-off with a Spotlight post.  He's got some great microscale builds.  Moving from newest to oldest, let's take a trip through his Flickr stream.

Tempest Assault Speeder.  Offsets and angles and colors, oh my!

Utility Vehicles.  Sometimes you need some scenery to fill up the battlefield.  These feature a great use of color.

Nanoscale Forces.  Marshaling for battle.  A great use of parts and a very subtle use of color.

Dynamic Punkfighter.  Another great use of color.

ISO-MEC.  This would make a great powersuit.  Put a bunch of them together on a base.

DA-77 Dominator War Walker.  NPU on that turret piece.  The whole build has a great look.

Microspace Vehicles, Reloaded.  A great combination of parts and color blocking.

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