Monday, August 26, 2013

TMOH: Cube Crew

I was on a bit of a building streak last week and came up with a new MFZ squad.  I call them the "Cube Crew".

All of the designs are based around this, the die from the Lego games line.  Here's the Flickr page.

This is the White Spider, the close combat specialist.  (2Rh+d8/1Gd8/2W)

Red Rover, the artillery specialist.  (2Ra+d8/1G/2W)

Yellow Sniper, the spotting specialist.  (2Rd/2Y/2W)

Of course I updated this one right after I took pictures so this picture is a little out of date.

Green Strafer, the direct fire specialist.  (2Rd+d8/1G/2W)

I wanted to build one in blue, but I could quite envisage what exactly I wanted it to look like.

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  1. I can imagine these combining... Yellow forms the legs, Red forms the torso, White forms the arms, and Green forms... the head!