Monday, November 10, 2014

Purity: 91719 Mega Bloks Hot Wheels Bad To The Blade Set Review

Well, that is a mouthful of a title.  I bought a few of these Mega Bloks Hot Wheels sets on Clearance right after Hallowe'en.  I wasn't expecting them to be marked down but I had been wondering about them and grabbed them when I saw the price.

Can.  MSRP is $9,99 for 51 pieces.  Price per Piece is $0.20, which is not good.  The can is fairly sturdy and re-usable which I always like.


Parts 1.  When I looked at the "actual size" picture on the side of the can and the relatively low piece count, this is what I feared.

Parts 2.  Parts like this are great for large scale greebling, but they drive up the cost of the set.

Parts 3.  Now we get to the small pieces microscale builders really like.  Those fin tiles are pretty cool as are the 1x1 brackets.  The double female plate is really neat.

Parts 4.  I really love those
angled tailplane/wing pieces.

Creations.  Another IO Frigate.  This
one's really swooshable though.


The Questions:
Can you build a frame, or frames, right away?  Yes.

I put together an IO Frigate and HVA.  (+5)
Is it below, at, or above the golden ratio?  Above.  (-10) (The Golden Ratio is $0.10 per part.)
If you can't build a frame right away, or choose not to, does it have parts you should be able to put into use right away?  Yes, but not very many.  (+5)
Does it have more than a handful of immediately useful parts?  No.  (-5)
Score: B- (-5).  Like most licensed sets, this one gets hamstrung by the cost
.  Getting it on Clearance like I did raises the score to a B+.


  1. How do you put on the rear white wings...the pic and the pieces dont match

    1. Do you mean in the set or in my creation using them?