Friday, November 7, 2014

Spotlight: Cole Blaq

This is a bit of a variation on my usual Spotlight post.  I'm just going to talk about some of Cole's recent creations.  All of these use a majority of the metallic shaded Lego pieces so therefore look very robotic in nature.  I was tempted to post them in numerical order, but I'm going to stick with chronological order.  Unfortunately he's disabled downloads so the pictures in this post are going to be a bit different than usual.

  Titan FX.05.  The start of this interesting series of builds.  What catches my eye is the inverted samurai helmet at the front of the torso.

 Titan FX.04.  A variant on the all popular Tachikoma design.

Titan FX.02.  The asymmetrical nature of the body makes this one a little more interesting than the others to me.

 Titan FX.03.  I know that is a collection of guns on the back but, this one looks like a repair bot to me.

Titan FX.06.  The sphere in the middle of the torso makes this one look like a spy bot.

  Titan FX.01.  This one's a slight bit different from the rest, using 3rd party parts and off color parts.  And maybe a bit more threatening.

 All in all a very interesting set of builds.

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