Monday, December 1, 2014

Random Mechs 10

Let's start out the month with some cool looking mechs.

Samurai Hardsuit (TMNT) by Garry Rocks.  I could
pick some nits with this but, yeah, it's awesome.

BL▲CK H▲RE by .Bezoar-1.  Way fiddly, but looks really neat.

Banshee by Donna Liem.  Looks a little
large, but it has some neat parts choices.

Great color use on this guy.  The
stance makes him look badass too.

Coalition of Sovereign Worlds mechae by Areetsa.  Okay, this is
a bunch of mecha rather than a single one but I think they're pretty
cool.  It looks like they're closer to 4P scale than 7P but we have
a bunch of interesting variations in this mix.

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