Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Single Set Challenge: 30250 Ewar's Acro Fighter

I've had a lot of fun with this set and managed to make more builds from it than I expected.  I named all of my builds so far "Ewar's {blank}", mainly because I'm lazy and din't really have the time to figure out names and stories for all of them.

"Ewar's Walker."  MFZ Stats: 2Rd (dorsal
guns) / 1B (Chi gem) / 1G (extra legs) / 2W
Brickshelf gallery.

"Ewar's Frame." MFZ Stats: 2Rh+d8 (wing
blades) / 1Gd8 (no ranged weapons) / 2W

"Ewar's Tank."  MFZ Stats: 2Rd (Chi cannon)
/ 1B (wing armor) / 1G (hover plates) / 2W
Brickshelf gallery.

"Ewar's Station."

"Ewar's Robo-Tank."  MFZ Stats: ?? / 2W
Brickshelf gallery.

"Ewar's Frigate."  MFZ Stats: 2Ra (dorsal guns)
/ 2Y (sensor arms) /1G (frigate movement) /2W

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